In Store Terminals

For everyday transactions, merchants benefit from point-of-sale terminals as they are secure, easy to use, and compact. The terminal sits right on the counter and is easily accessible to both the merchant and customer. Customers are ensured a safe, secure, and efficient transaction.


VeriFone® VX520, VX 520 GPRS

  • EBT, EMV, NFC, Loyalty & Gift cards
  • Powered by the Verix® operating system with the industry’s fastest processor
  • Cables neatly connected under the device
  • End-to-end encryption with VeriShield Total Protect security solutions


VeriFone® VX805

  • ATM-style interface with large Keypad
  • Customer facing device, No need to pass Terminal back and forth
  • Very fast processor for quick transactions
  • Supports EMV and NFC
  • Pair with VX 520 Terminal for EMV and NFC Bundle


Ingenico iCT 250

  • MagStripe, NFC, EMV
  • Compact and efficient design
  • Color display and large keys
  • PIN privacy shield available for extra security


PAX® S80

  • EBT, EMV, NFC Payments
  • Operated with phone line or ethernet cable
  • Built-in contactless and ARM11 processor
  • Multiple payment and value-added applications


PAX® Technology’s SP20 PINpad

  • Integrated privacy shield
  • Visual and audio feedback
  • Easy to read, large display


PAX® Technology’s S300 PINpad

  • Large, HD Color touch screen and Loudspeaker
  • Contactless payment, Chip, Pin, Magstripe
  • Privacy shield for extra security
  • Simple & Reliable