Clover Station

With the right Point of Sale terminal, you can take advantage of the latest technology and procedures to make sure your business is on top. Today’s terminals integrate apps to allow for customization of your system. This enables easy accessible business information by the merchant from anywhere via internet and the Clover’s Web Dashboard. The modern design creates a clean & attractive look for any counter-top.


Clover® Station

  • Download specific business needed apps through the Clover App Market to customize POS system experience
  • Modern & Sleek design
  • Pair with Clover Mini and Clover® Mobile to further expand the POS system
  • Automatically build records and track inventory
  • Clover®’s Web Dashboard allows access to business information from anywhere


Clover® Mini

  • Compact, sleek and lightweight design
  • Customizable apps via the Clover App Market
  • All kinds of payments accepted, Receipts print directly and/or virtually
  • Wi-fi and/or 3G wireless connections
  • End to end encryption security


Clover® Mobile

  • Full featured POS in a small, portable device with Wi-fi and/or 3G connection
  • Pair with Clover® Station or Mini for the ultimate Clover experience
  • Wi-Fi or WiFi+3G wireless connections
  • ustomizable apps via the Clover App Market
  • Supports all EBT, EMV, NFC payments with virtual or hard copy receipts (via Bluetooth con-nected thermal printer)
  • End to end encryption security


Clover® Go

  • All-in-one mobile card reader with Wi-fi and 3G/4G enabled connection
  • EBT, EMV, NFC payments accepted
  • Paperless Email/SMS receipts, customizable tax and tip
  • Manageable permission options, basic inventory, unlimited number of employees
  • Integrate with other Clover devices and personalize with apps through the Clover App Mar-ket
  • End to end security, security protection with TransArmor